You are asleep when suddenly in the middle of the night, a muffled noise wakes you up! What is it? Hmm, only your cat like every night at 3 am.

Why does you cat wake you up ?

Wild cats are nocturnal animals. Cats see better in the dark and are more comfortable during the night. When your cat lives with you, they sleep when you are not there and enjoy time with you when you get back home. But when you go to bed, they're still very energetic!

What to do ?

After a day being lazy, your cat need to let off stream during the night. To avoid that, the better thing to do is to let your cat outside during the day. He will hunt and walk around, and be tired at night. If you don't have a backyard for your cat, play with your cat during the evening and give him a lot of attention to avoid disturbance during the night.

Develop good habits

Close all room doors every night. Keep the curtains and shutters open in the living room, as anything happening outside will catch your cat's attention. Serve them a good meal on the evening, ideally wet food. Digestion will aid good sleep.

What else?

Do not respond when they try to catch your attention at night. Your rules must be constant and coherent. You must be patient and firm.

During the 6 to 9 hours that your cat is awake, make sure you spend time with them and play together.

Photo credit: Yummypets

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