Last year this cute kitten was found abandoned in a box in San Jose, California. His injuries were serious, and he was dyed blue for unknown reasons. Luckily he was taken to Nine Lives Foundation in Redwood City, where he was given the love and nurture he not only required, but also deserves.

Road to recovery

The kitten only weighed one pound, and had puncture wounds over his body, but the team at Nine Lives Foundation saved him from being euthanized, and they named this cutie Smurf.

He is recovering beautifully and today Smurf’s natural grey fur is growing in, fading the purple hue significantly.

 chaton violet chatte noir et blanc aveugle

A friendship begins

Smurf is now besties with Wanda, a blind kitty at Nine Lives Foundation. These two rescued cats are inseparable, and are up for adoption together in the next several months.

Until they get adopted, Smurf and Wanda are enjoying their friendship and the new life they are able to spend together thanks to the team at Nine Lives Foundation.

A happy ending!

If you’re living in California and looking to adopt a cat, check out Nine Lives’ Facebook page.

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