You must have heard of the cat cafe phenomenon!? After several cafes opened around the world including; France, Japan and the United States, we wanted to understand how this concept works!

According to Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, a cat café is a place where guests can relax, with a cup of tea or coffee while stroking the cats there. This is a must visit for feline friends, making it a win-win situation for both humans and cats! After a long, stressful day at work this is a treat for anyone. This is how the emporium works:



To get by financially, they ask an entrance fee of $8, 50 per person. The money goes to the food and vet costs for the cats, which adds up to quite a hefty number, as you can imagine.

Time Limit

Each customer can stay in the café for up to 90 minutes. This is to avoid a crowded café, which would only cause stress for the cats. In addition, cameras with a flash are also forbidden as these can startle them too.


Customers have to be eight years or older. According to the website, young children could scare the cats and also cause a few ructions. The emporium is a peaceful place for people and cats to relax.


“Our mission is to provide a calm, quiet and unhurried space in a busy city, where people can be people and cats can be cats,” says the website.

Despite the restrictions, the cat café is always full. You can book a table through their online booking system.The website is pretty stunning too!

The vintage decorated café is home to eleven cats, all of which were adopted by the owner. She would love to have more cats but a permit is then required from the local council.


As for the dog lovers, don’t be jealous! London will soon have a dog café called Hounds of Happiness. Stay tuned! 


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    Kashif H Hounds of happiness! Can't wait! Please let us know when you know ;O)