The Sofia Zoo in Bulgaria has been hit with several unexpected deaths of animals over the weekend.

Mysterious Deaths

Sofia Zoo is the oldest and biggest zoo in the Balkan area and is now temporarily shut because of the mysterious deaths that have occurred. Over the weekend, 3 guars (Indian bison), 2 yaks and a camel died of unknown causes.

“We ordered checks on the food they were given, the water they drank and the space they lived in,” the Mayor declared.

There has recently been an outbreak of blue tongue disease in Bulgaria, but vets have concluded that the animals didn’t show any of these symptoms.

Everyone Is Worried

Some of the animals are still ill; the most important thing is to find out what is wrong with them and to heal them. The mayor is worried that the sick animals might be dangerous to people.

The zoo will stay closed and only reopen once the deaths have been clarified and the animals are safe!

Credit: Bulgaria Travel

            The Inquirer

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