If you are registered on Yummypets, you certainly know how difficult it is to take nice photos of your pet.

You could watch your pet sleeping, playing or fooling around for hours...  But how can you take a photo that really reflects your pet’s personality? Which light should you choose? How to make your pet stand still? How to avoid blur or red eyes?

A study from 2012 was unveiled on the attitudes of pet owners: 51% photograph their pet more than their spouse. It is a fact; we prefer to capture the beauty of our furry or feathery friends rather than our mate. But it isn’t always simple.

No need to ruin yourself with a reflex camera, there are simple tips to take amazing shots of your pets, even if you have a digital camera or a simple mobile phone!


Light can change everything in a photo, especially with pets. Natural light is the most suitable for pictures, whether for animals or anything else for that matter. Flash is not recommended, as it may create red-eyes problems, distract or even scare your pet! The best is to take photos outside, or indoors, in a room with a window.

Get close and on their level

If you photography your pet standing up, your photos will have a very “human” perspective. By getting on your pet’s level, you will enter your pet’s world, and give more character to the photo. It helps see the world from their perspective!

Don’t forget to try to make close shots of your pets. You don’t want it to be lost in the picture. As it isn’t always easy, don’t hesitate to zoom!


There are several factors to take into consideration in choosing the "purrfect" location for your photo. First choose a place where your pet is at ease, you don’t want him to look uncomfortable or scared! Then don’t forget to choose a neutral background: you don’t want your background to be distracting. Remember, the simplest is often the best!

Be patient

There will be days when your pet will not be cooperative for a photo shoot so always keep your camera close. Pets are unpredictable. To get the perfect photo of your pet, the real secret is patience.

Don’t forget: a «photoshoot» must be a fun time for you and your pet, and should not exceed 15 minutes or your companion may get bored!

Photo credit : Yummypets 

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