Head-Lites LED dog collars and leashes are premium canine safety devices that are 100% Made In Canada.  Head-Lites have the most LEDs incorporated into a leash or collar, making them the brightest canine products on the market today. The collars come in five streamlined sizes with 2” of adjustability to maximize the amount of light on medium to extra-large sized breeds.


Can you tell me a little about Head-Lites?

Head-Lites Pet Products Inc. is a family owned and operated manufacturing business located in Winona, Ontario committed to bringing you high quality Canadian made pet products. We’re proud to say our company and our manufacturing are 100% Canadian. We source all of our raw materials as locally as possible and every product is individually sewn, soldered, and assembled right in Ontario.

Our products are currently available in a number of select retailers in British Columbia and Ontario. Global partnerships are continuing to expand and include distributorships in Australia and Japan. Our online store ships world-wide.

Where you were working before?

Our team brings with it cutting edge technology and marketing expertise from a different kind of PET industry (positron emission tomography). The best product development and market research comes straight from the field itself. We were surrounded by people with the same problem who shared a similar solution need - we were Head-Lites very first customer!

Why did you decide to create your company?

Our journey began with a puppy named Piper and cold, dark Canadian winters. We spent a lot of time at our local off leash dog park socializing Piper after work each day. As the days grew shorter into the fall, we needed something to help keep an eye on her in the dark. We bought an LED collar which wasn’t very bright and promptly fell apart after a few wrestling matches. We bought a hanging drop light which was useless when Piper ran in a direction other than towards us; it also failed to work after a few weeks of use. At that point we engineered our own solution and after months of success with it, other dog owners began to ask us to make them a collar… and thus Head-Lites was born!

Was it difficult?

It wasn’t easy that’s for sure, and there continues to be new challenges that we welcome each day.

What was your greatest challenge?

Staying true to the product was probably the hardest thing we’ve had to do. We are presented with many new ideas and modification suggestions to our design. Some were great ideas that we try to incorporate while others helped reinforce the core values of Head-Lites: continue to deliver a high quality, super bright, and Canadian manufactured pet product.

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