Whether you’re a regular beach goer, or take the odd day trip with the family, getting the pooch involved is always so much more fun. However, it's important to not forget a few key things beforehand...

Dog-friendly beaches

Despite the joy in seeing them round about and splash madly in the water, taking your dog to the beach does have its risks.

Dogs are not allowed on all beaches, and if you are caught with your dog on a beach where a ban is enforced, you could face a hefty fine.

Before you leave home, you will need to check that your destination is dog-friendly, and whether or not a lead is required. This depends on the local government and constituency. You will also need to bring poop bags, as you would on any walk.

Important: never leave your dog in the car while you go for a swim!

Dogs are sensitive to heat too

While some breeds deal better with the heat than others, dogs shouldn’t be exposed to the sun during the hottest times of the day. Like humans, they can experience heat stroke. You can read more about what to do in case of pet heatstroke here.

Keep your pet near you in the shade, under an umbrella and sitting on a towel. Also bring a bowl that you can regularly fill with fresh water. This will help to avoid dehydration, something that you should watch out for during your trip.

Can my dog go for a swim?

The beach is a great place for your god to enjoy themselves and burn off some energy. Some dogs love swimming, but others are not so keen, so don’t force your dog to swim if they don’t want to do so.

On a side note, swimming can be a great form of therapy for dogs (hydrotherapy), especially after they've had an operation. Your vet can give you further information on this.

Post swim (for those that do)

Sea water isn’t ideal for a dog’s skin, so after your great day out at the beach, you’ll need to make sure to give them a thorough rinse to avoid irritation.

You should also clean their eyes with specialised serum to avoid eye issues such as conjunctivitis, and dry their ears to eliminate the risk of infection.

It is also important to pay attention to your dog’s paws on warm days. These soft, delicate pads burn in a matter of seconds on hot sand, paving and bitumen, so if needed, carry your animal or walk on areas that are cool to touch.

Now go have fun!

Do you take your dog to the beach?

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