If you notice that your dog's eyes are red, it could be for a number of different things. Here are some reasons why your pup's eyes could become red and what you can do to help them.

Dogs' eyes are a lot like our own. If their eyes become red and irritated, they can cause major discomfort and possibly not function very well. If your dog’s eyes are red, it is important that you know what’s causing the redness and what you can do to treat the eyes and help your pooch out.

Why are my dog's eyes red?

There are a number of different reasons why your dog's eyes could become red. A lot of the time the redness is due to some dust or a small injury. But in other cases, it could be an infection. The most common causes of red eyes include:

- Dry Eye: a deficiency of aqueous tear film over the surface of the eye and in the lining of the lids.

- Pink Eye: known as conjunctivitis. When the conjunctiva is inflamed.

- Cherry Eye: a common term for a prolapse of the third eyelid of dogs.

- Corneal Damage: a cut or scratch to the eye's surface.

Here are some eye symptoms to look out for:

- Constant eye rubbing

- Excessive blinking

- Increased eye watering

- An object stuck in the eye

- Mucus discharge

- Squinting

My dog has red eyes, what should I do?

Don't try to take care of your dog's eyes by yourself with human medication! Consult a veterinarian as soon as you can. Do not rub your dog's eyes as it might be painful and you do not want to make it worse.

Even if you think it isn't serious, it's best to go to the vets. Make sure you tell them when the redness started and what your dog's symptoms are. They will find out the cause and the necessary treatment for your pup.

Has your pooch ever had a problem with their eyes?

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