Dogs are very sensitive to temperature changes. Like we do, they can shiver when their body heat decreases.

1. Dog fur

Dog fur is a natural coat that keeps them warm. You must not shave a dog during winter time (from December to March). If you take your pet to the groomer or groom him yourself, make sure they keep enough fur to stay warm.

2. Dry shampoo

Use a dry shampoo to clean your dog! More generally, getting your dog wet during winter is not advised. If you must shampoo your dog, turn on the heat in the bathroom, use warm water and dry your dog with towels and a hairdryer.

3. Walks

Walks must be adapted to the weather. Make them short if it's too cold and windy outside. Spend more time home playing with your dog to balance the shorter walks. Make sure your dog expends enough energy. When you come back home from a rainy walk, use towels or hair blow dryer to dry your dog.

4. Fireplace or radiator

Your dog appreciates heat sources such as fireplaces or radiators. It's better to provide them with a heat source than a blanket. Also, make sure that their sleeping place is not too dry.

5. Arthritis

Keep your dog away from the cold if they have joint problems such as arthritis.

Photo credit: Yummypets

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