A lot of cat owners don't know what to do when they get pregnant because of a disease their cat may carry: toxoplasmosis.

Today, we tell you everything about toxoplasmosis.

What is toxoplasmosis?

Toxoplasmosis is a common parasitic disease. The parasite is present in the earth and touches most of animals without being dangerous for them. In humans, it's a minor disease most of the time. It appears to be a flu or a bad cold. Once you are contaminated, your body is immunized against it and you won't even notice it.

However, this parasite is very dangerous for a foetus. It may provokes malformation, neurological issues or eye problems. That's why during pregnancy, presence of toxoplasmosis in the future mother's body is regularly checked with blood tests. Doctors also advise pregnant woman to wear gloves when they are doing specific tasks, such as gardening or cooking certain food. They also forbid them from eating food such as raw meat or fish, raw vegetables or unpasteurized milk.

What about cats?

A cat who regularly hunts rodents might carry toxoplasmosis. We estimate that 60% of cats have already been in contact with toxoplasmosis. If the cat is infected, the parasite will pass through their feces. The pregnant woman risks to get infected when she's touching the cat's litter box.

There is no reason to get rid of your cat when you are pregnant!

If you pick up the cat's feces everyday and wash your hands just afterward or if you ask someone else to do it for you, the probability of getting infected is very low. Also wash your hands every time you are in contact with your furry friend.

In addition, toxoplasmosis mostly affects outdoor cats. The risk is even lower if you cat lives inside and doesn't hunt rodents.

Our advices is to be careful and cautious, but not to get rid of your best friend!

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