About one in two households have a pet, usually at least one cat or dog. The welfare of our pet is essential, and it is primarily due to their diet. But is the food sold in supermarkets really good for our animals? 

First, what do you know about the nutritional needs of your favorite companion?

For dogs: their food should contain about 15% carbohydrates, 30% lipids and 55% protein.

For cats:  they need a lot of protein, little lipids, a little bit of vitamins, but no carbohydrates (sugars). You'll notice that they are primarily carnivores.

And yet we do not find all theses elements in the cheapest industrial kibbles! Indeed, they contain on average more than 50% plants primarily in the form of grain (corn, wheat) but also cellulose : our pets digest the carbohydrates poorly, especially in large quantities. In addition, grains and vegetables offer them no significant nutritional benefit. This kind of kibble only contains 25% of proteins in general, which may seem incredible when you consider that this is what animals need the most!

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Thus, cats and dogs who eat this kind of kibble suffer from severe nutritional imbalances, all of which can cause quite serious diseases for our animals: intestinal pain and stomach, pancreatitis, diabetes, obesity etc.. Their life expectancy is reduced, and pain caused by a poor diet is very painful for them!

So, think carefully when you choose food for your pet: cheaper kibbles, but harmful for them? Or spend a little more for quality food that will help your companion to thrive and live happily and healthily?

Please note: this is not a generality, and kibbles when properly selected are the ideal food for cats and dogs.

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