Today lets talk about a subject that many dog owners know to well: destruction. Indeed your dog may destroy everything in the house as soon as you're not looking!

You should feel concerned if your dog:

  • Destroys objects by chewing,
  • Ruins your walls and doors by scraping,
  • Destroys your supplies by scraping and chewing...
  • Ruins your garden.

Many dogs spend a good part of the day at home alone waiting for our return. Chewing, scratching the couch searching for a potential treasure helps pass the time.

The lack of exercise can turn your dog into a real monster. All that pent up energy MUST come out and what better than your couch, your furniture to exercise on?

If your dog spends their time following you everywhere, it will be more difficult to be alone at home. Therefore, they will develop an anxiety that can be destructive. Your dog may begin to chew your personal items.

Why? Your personal belongings are soaked with your scent the chewing increases the smell which reassures them. Destroying everything may help them relax. They are anxious and pick on the couch, the door... which helps them to evacuate their stress.


It is natural for a dog to dig and they do not necessarily understand that they should not dig where the beautiful roses are planted.

The puppies also enjoy getting their teeth on some objects especially when their teeth grow.

Teething can be very painful and to relieve this pain, there is nothing better than chewing on an object. It's a bit like children when their teeth start to grow.

Teeth can grow up to the age of 7 or 8 months.

Important Note:

Your dog needs to exercise regularly. The lack of exercise can create many behavioral problems including destruction. Try to organize your day so that your dog has a long walk.

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