We all love stories that have happy endings! These poor abandoned cats looked worse for wear, but luckily someone special crossed their paths and with a little love and attention, their lives have changed!

The proof is in the pictures!

1. With just one missing ear, this cat is still cute!


2. This frail little kitten becomes beautiful!


3. After a few eye treatments, this cat has regained his eyesight!


4. You would never say that this beautiful white cat had a disease!


5. This kitten likes to nap, but looks so much healthier!


6. This kitty clearly enjoys his new grooming routines!


7. After some love and treatments, this cat is back on his feet.


8. With some love and a bath, this cat looks much happier!


These transformations are incredible and we love when animals get a second chance in life! Have you ever rescued an animal and seen an amazing transformation?

Source: buzzfil

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