The Family Dog is a company that offers an online program which teaches families with children how to train their dogs and how to interact with them.

Leah Hatley, is one of the owners of the company, 'The Family Dog'. Their aim is to educate parents and their children everywhere on how to live safely and happily with their dogs. According to 'The Family Dog', here are the 10 things that children should know about dogs.

1. Respect their boundaries

Respect their feelings by giving them choices. When you meet new dogs, bend down and pat your legs to see if the dog wants to interact with you. If they come towards you, you can give them little pat or scratch on the head.

2. Dogs like children they can trust

If a dog doesn’t come over to you when you’ve invited them over, leave them be. Don’t force the interaction. This will show them your respect, and they will be more open to seeking affection from you when they are ready.

3. Dogs can talk

Dogs communicate through body language, so be sure to pay special attention to them before inviting one over.

4. Dogs don’t necessarily enjoy hugs

Some dogs feel trapped by hugs and kisses. Communicate this to your children so that they can learn that dogs aren't really stuffed animals.

5. Dogs like gentle petting

Be super gentle when petting a dog.

6. Dogs don’t like bossy friends

If your dog is doing something naughty, call your parents and let them be the bad cop. That way you still get to be the fun friend!

7. Everything on the floor is fair game

Dogs can consider everything on the floor as a toy, even your shoes! Instead of taking the shoe away immediately, kids should call their parents to substitute the shoes for something the dog would think is better.

8. Apologise to your dog in a way they can understand

If you accidentally step on his tail you may be tempted to hug him as a way of apologising, but that might make matters worse. If you wish, you can give him a treat to show you’re sorry.

9. Dogs love children who know when to stay and when to walk away

Dogs, just like humans, have times when they just want to be left alone. Respect them by walking away and letting them be.

10. Dogs love having friends to play with

If you’re the kind of child who knows how to respect dogs, they will definitely want to play with you! Playing games that your dog likes is the perfect way to make friends for life.

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How does your family like to spend time with your pooch?

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