Some cat owners give up on the idea of taking their cat on holiday because he or she is just too anxious on the journey.

Nevertheless, there are a few ways you can help your cat to calm down ahead of your journey. So, what should you do if your cat is scared of travelling?

Getting used to their cat carrier

Cat carriers can sometimes be a recipe for a grumpy cat. So, it’s useful to follow certain steps when helping them grow accustomed to the idea.

Firstly, put your cat carrier in a communal space several days before travelling. This should be somewhere that your cat often frequents, the living room for instance. You can even put a few treats in there so that it seems like a nice place.

Having done this in advance, you’ll see the difference when you finally need to travel. Your cat will be less weary of the cat carrier and so more capable of handling the stress of travelling.

chat blanc caisse de transport

Travelling in a car

Any car trip can quickly turn into a nightmare, so it’s vital to be prepared before you set off.

Most cats like to travel with a sheet over their carrier or cage, but some will want to see what is happening around them.

It might be tempting to reassure your cat by talking to them, but in reality this will only make things worse. Your voice will incite them to meow more loudly and more often. Even though it’s difficult to ignore your cat, sometimes it’s the kindest thing to do.

Important note: Before leaving, make sure your cat is hydrated, and monitor the temperature of your car.

Using pheromones

If your cat is scared of travelling, then pheromones can be a great help. They calm the cat down, putting them at ease.

Pheromones are easy enough to buy in the supermarket or at the vet's, and are normally found in the form of a spray or vaporiser. We recommend the FELIWAY® Classic spray for a truly effective solution. Your cat will be relaxed and the the journey will go by like a dream.

It is a good idea to spray your cat carrier a few days in advance as well as on the day.

Following this, you can also spray your car seats for a lasting effect on your cat throughout the journey.

How do journeys with your cat go? Do you have any hints and tips to share?

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