Because more and more people are adopting goats, here are a few details on this super friendly pet!

These animals were domesticated more than 10 000 years ago, but there are still wild herds in the Caucasus. They belong to the cattle family, and are herbivores. The goat is of medium size (between 80cm and 1m) and weighs between 15kg and 80kg according to its breed.

It is found mainly in mountainous landscapes: it is perfectly adapted and became very agile, climbing rocks, walls or even small trees. This is an intelligent animal and, over time, they become very fond of the person that takes care of it. The goat deserves its reputation: it has a very strong smell and can be very stubborn! The goat needs a lot of water, large amounts of grass, and a salt lick (for intake of minerals). It lives most often in groups with other goats.

Cheese and goat's milk are very popular, and did you know that they have great properties for the skin? They hydrate very effectively and relieve irritated skin (acne, eczema ...). The wool of goats is also appreciated, as well as its skin and meat.

This animal is present in many mythologies: the Greeks, Vikings, Indians, Tibetans, Christians ... but also in literature, sculpture, painting ... This is a very popular pet!

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