Today lets talk about our favorite feline friends! Here are a few tips so your cat can stay healthy and live a long life!

  1. First of all, take your furry friends for regular visits to the vet, even if they hate it! Once a year is mandatory, but if you notice anything abnormal, take your cat to the vet right away!
  2. If your cat is an "indoor pet" be sure that the windows and doors are locked when you leave so they don't run away!
  3. If your cat goes outdoors in the summer, don't forget to put special sunscreen on their nose and ears!
  4. Your cat will need a safe place to rest, make sure it is a quiet and hidden place!
  5. Like dogs, never leave your cat alone in the car. In the sun, it is like an oven and your pet could die!
  6. Keep your cat's food in a dry place, and don't forget to change their water everyday, and even twice a day in the summer!

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