Like humans, obesity has become a very serious problem for our pets as well. Most of the time owners tend to feed their pet too much, with unhealthy food, and do not exercise their dog enough!

A puppy

For your puppy, you should check with your vet to be sure you have food which will fulfill your pup's needs. Ask your vet in which quantities and how often you should feed them per day. Normally a puppy under 6 months should be fed 3 times a day.

A dog

Dogs over 6 months old should be fed twice a day. Do not leave your dog's food at their disposition all day. A dog will be more motivated to obey you if they realize that you control the meals.

To keep your dog healthy, they should exercise for 20 minutes everyday. If you don't have time, you can put your dogs meal in a Kong toy, to make it more rewarding for your dog.

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