We already know that our favorite companions can sometimes feel depressed, just like us. But can they cry when they are sad? Or are we the only ones to express our emotions in this way?

Everybody is convinced that they have seen their pet crying, or thought that they heard groaning and even saw their tears. Perhaps, but these are not tears of sadness!

Indeed, if our four-legged friends sometimes have a few tears, it's never because they are unhappy, it is simply because they have sore eyes!

Les animaux pleurent ils ?

However, you are not dreaming, dogs yelp when they are sad! Similarly they wave their tail when they are happy. Yes, animals also feel emotions, but do not have the same way to show or express them.

Returning to tears, only humans cry when they're sad, and scientists believe that this is because humans evolved to communicate distress without making noise

For a definitive answer to this question: no, our companions do not cry, but that does not stop them from feeling emotions and sometimes being sad. We must know how to decode their behaviour to see how they feel.

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