The wealthy residents of Dubai and other UAE countries are continuing the trend of owning wild animals, which is a major status symbol.

Impressive Pets 

It is not uncommon to see wealthy people walking or driving around with their pet cheetahs, lions, snakes, tigers or monkeys. When at home they are kept in golden cages and the goal is to impress friends and family.

It is possible for the wealthy in the UAE to buy wild animals for a few thousand dollars. By owning a wild animal, you are showing the world just how wealthy you are - it is all about the image.

Laws and Legislations

The UAE has banned the import of many endangered species and keeping wild animals as pets. But the big issue is enforcement; the sale of wild animals has not yet been banned completely.

According to Elsayed Mohamed: “We need legislation here to control and regulate ownership of wild animals. Legislation will not totally prevent sales of cheetahs because there is captive breeding here.”


It is also dangerous to own a wild animal if you don’t have the proper training. There have often been reports about monkeys or lions that have escaped and provoked traffic accidents.

Source: The dodo

Le Journal International


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