Thinking about getting a pet? Maybe a dog? A cat? Maybe even just a goldfish? Whatever the animal, having a pet is a big responsibility and there are a number of different things to consider before going ahead and taking your pet home.

1. Ask yourself why

Why do you want a pet? Do you want to be responsible? Are you maybe lonely? Don’t forget having a pet is a massive commitment, so finding out why exactly you want to have one is a good place to start.

2. Commitment

Can you commit to the job? Are you sure you would be able to walk the dog twice a day, or play with your cat every evening? Do you have enough spare time? Really consider your current lifestyle and if having a pet would fit in well or not.

3. Cost

Can you afford it? Sure, having a pet is fun, but you need to think about the cost of it ( food, accessories, vet bills/medication…) Make sure you are positive that you will be able to give your pet whatever it needs to have.

4. Breed

Maybe not every breed will fit in with your lifestyle. For example, there are many dog breeds out there and some are big and some are small. You may be interested in a Great Dane, which is great! But if you live in a little apartment, it may not be the best decision. Click here to know your breeds.

5. When you are away

Say for example you chose to go on a holiday, who will be able to look after your pet? You’ll need to have reliable friends, family or pay for a kennel or pet sitter.

6. Less free time

Obviously, having a pet is going to change your life. Usually people who have pets are as busy as people who have children. Consider the fact that you will have less free time by spending it with your pet.

7. Training

Are you ready and motivated to train your pet? Housetraining is one of the first things to get cracked, and will have to start immediately after bringing your pet home. House training can be a “walk in the park” for some. But harder for others… Make sure you have the patience and the determination to get it done. The pet will get it in time.

8. Unforeseen issues

You cannot predict everything that could happen in the future. Consider things like relocations, health concerns and finances. But all of that aside, have fun with your new family member! Love them and they will love you tenfold!

What animal was your very first pet?

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