You may have seen these photos around the internet. The photograph series called "Zoo Animals", created by Yago Partal has just been enriched with a bunch of even cuter animals.

We all have a friend that looks, more or less, like an animal. Artist Yago Partal has been creating, for three years a series of photo-montages where he humanises animals, even dressing them like us. The results are surprising - have you ever thought of a society where animals play an equal role to humans like in the series Bojack Horseman? Here's what this society would look like.

A huge range of animals

You can see all of Partal's work on the website ZooPortraits. Very well thought out, the site offers lists of animals by origin or by other categories such as domestic animals, wild animals or animals on the brink of extinction.

But the site doesn't only have photos to offer - there is also an informative element. When you click on an animal, Zoo Portraits offers you information on them such as their diet or history of evolution.

We've selected some photos for you to give you an idea of Partal's work, so don't hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments!

bichon-05-2016 escargot-05-2016 lémurien-05-2016 leopard-05-2016 lion-05-2016 phacochère-05-2016 taureau-05-2016

What do you think of these pictures?

sources : boredpanda / zooportraits / facebook

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