Taking your dog on holidays with the family is a very enjoyable experience. Whether you're going on a relaxing trip, or in the countryside,  there are important items you mustn't forget so your dog can spend a perfect time too.

Collar and ID

 This is maybe the most important item. Check your dog has their ID tag on, and that the information is still accurate. If this isn't the case yet, remember to get your pet microchipped.


 For long walks on the beach!


 The familiarity of their own bed will help you dog settle in a strange place! Choose a bean bag, easier for transport.


 Pack plenty, so that you can dry off any wet, muddy coats and paws before taking you dog indoors.

Dog food

Take enough for the whole of your stay as you may be able to find the biggest pet brand foods everywhere, but if not, dogs do not like to have their habits changed.

Food bowl

If you dog is a messy eater, also take a plastic pet place mat.

Travelling water bowl

Handy for keeping in the car, this avoids mishaps if it gets tipped over; it can also double up as a water bowl in your room.

Water container

Don't forget to pack loads of water for the trip! In cars, dogs get thirsty!

Poo bags

 Take plenty, its easier to carry than supermarket plastic bags.

First-aid kit

It's always sensible to have at least a basic kit with you. If you are going to be in an area where ticks are going to be a problem, remember to take tick-removing products: don't forget to also include any ongoing medication to cover the holiday period.

Sunshade for cars

 Leaving your dog in a car during the summer can be fatal. Try to park in the shade and never leave your dog in the car.

Source: http://www.yourdogholidays.co.uk/Dog-travel-advice/packing-a-doggy-suitcase.html

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