Police in Canada were shocked when their police dog accidentally fired a gun he found while tracking suspects.

Gun on the scene

The incident took place in the car park of a grocery store, where officers were called to the scene after reports of a fight between two suspects.

Police had been informed that one of the suspects was allegedly brandishing a hand gun and had assaulted another male. Both fled the scene.

Police dog finds gun

The suspects were pursued by officers and their police dog (police dogs are trained to find evidence and follow scents). In the attempt to locate them, the German Shepherd apparently found the handgun in question and managed to activate the trigger.

Luckily, the dog was unharmed, as were the police officers, and there were no civilians in the area.

Curtis Peters, a police communications officer said discharged weapons could pose a serious risk to civilians. He added that, “Evidently the gun had been tossed while loaded, which is clearly a pretty significant risk to the public. Heaven forbid a child had found it instead of a police dog.”

A lucky escape (for everyone) all round!

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