Maya is a little tabby cat who was born with a chromosome abnormality. Because of this, she almost didn’t make it.

Maya’s escape from death

Maya was found abandoned behind a Chinese restaurant and taken to a pound to be assessed. Seeing her abnormality, workers were under the impression that she would be unable to find a welcoming home and put her on the list to be euthanised.

Fortunately for Maya however, The Odd Cat Sanctuary came to the rescue. Having heard her story, they intervened and posted on Facebook in the hope of finding her a loving family. Thankfully, it worked.

What makes Maya special

Now that she has found her forever home, Maya is quickly becoming an ambassador for cats with abnormalities like herself. With over 40K Instagram followers, she’s becoming an internet sensation.

Although she often looks confused or upset, this is not the case. She might have some sight problems and sneezes more than most due to her flat nose, but Maya is just as happy as any other cat…and even more adorable!

Would you like to adopt a cat like Maya?

Source & photo credit: Bored Panda

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    Charlotte B She is beautiful and so unique!!