Everyone knows how loyal dogs are to their families, but did you know that cats are just as loyal?

Cats are able to give lots of love and be loyal until the end of their lives, as well as after!

A very loyal cat

Last February, a Facebook user called Keli Keningau Praytino posted photos of a very special cat. This cat, spent all their time lounging around the same grave.

Keli went to the cemetery every morning, and each time, she saw the cat near this gravestone. On it was engraved "Kundari de Kebumen - Central Java".

chat joue sur la terre

Kundari had saved this cat when he was only a kitten. She had given home when she found him as a stray on the streets of Kebumen. After their meeting, Kundari never again left the kitten, and now, the now-grown cat refuses to leave her. On the Facebook post, Keli explains that when the cat gets hungry, he goes to Kundari's son's house to get his fill of kibbles and cuddles.

Strong ties

Keli and Kundari's son tried to adopt the cat, but in vain... he only wants to stay with the grave of his pet-parent.

Since February, inhabitants of the region have put in place a communal pot to bring food to the cat. Some go to the cemetery to keep him company.

chat joue sur la terre

According to visitors, it is impossible to describe the bond that unites this cat and Kundari...

We hope that one day this cat will be able to love another human to have a peaceful, warm life in a house.

Source : Hi Homer

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