Tugrul Metin, a gym teacher, was walking on the beach while on holiday in Turkey and discovered a two-headed dolphin calf on the sand!

The Rare Dolphin

He immediately called the authorities who took the dolphin away. Marine biologist, Mehmet Gokoglu, has said that the dolphin was very rare. It is similar to conjoined twins.

Gokoglu denies any reports that they are studying the remains of the dolphin - he is unsure as to where the dolphin is. The university where he works would however be happy to display the remains of the dolphin.

The Bull Shark

This is similar to a two-headed bull shark found by fisherman. They caught a bull shark and when they cut her open they found two live foetuses, one with two heads. This is the first recorded two-headed bull shark found!

Source: Independent

Photo: l’Express 


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