Little Kennedy was born a dog person, so it’s a good thing she's had pug siblings from birth.

Love at first sight

Her pug brothers, Barnum and Bailey, were there from the day Kennedy came into this earth. It was love at first sight when they met her, and they seemed to make a pact to never leave her side ever again.

The love is mutual, of course. Kennedy spends most of her time petting and cuddling her brothers. She loves them so much, in fact, that she seems to want to BE them!

Her pug brothers are very happy to oblige, of course. Together they find the best food to eat, and roughhouse like only pugs can.

Big family, big love

As if the family couldn’t get any cuter, little Tahlulabelle joined the family in September 2015 and now they are an awesome foursome!

See for yourself in the photos below.

girl_loves_puppy_siblings_7_03_2016 girl_loves_puppy_siblings_6_03_2016girl_loves_puppy_siblings_4_03_2016 girl_loves_puppy_siblings_2_03_2016girl_loves_puppy_siblings_03_2016 girl_loves_puppy_siblings_5_03_2016girl_loves_puppy_siblings_3_03_2016

Did you grow up with pet siblings?


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    Rafaella C Awww so cute

    Moira M So cute and loving