Imagine having 31 pet dogs! This man living in the wild about 120 miles outside Memphis, Tennessee, has 31 stray dogs that all live with him.

Living Wild  

The man has been living in the woods of Natchez Trace State Park for the last 16 years. He lives with his 31 dogs who brave the outdoors with him. After all this time, the local community has finally convinced him to get help. According to the Animal Rescue Corps (ARC) many of the dogs have diseases, broken teeth and three have serious leg injuries.


Accepting Help

The man has been supported by the local community throughout the years, including medical help and people looking out for the dogs, too. While it has taken a few years for the community to convince the man to get help and accept a home, he has finally agreed. His only condition was that before anyone helps him, his dogs should all be helped and given homes first.

“Members of the community have been working with this man to improve his quality of life and this rescue is part of it. He wasn’t going to abandon the dogs and accept the help for himself without first finding a group to take the dogs. We are very glad to be able to assist,” said ARC President Scotlund Haisley.


Medical Aid & Permanent Homes

The dogs were taken to an emergency shelter where their medical problems could be seen to immediately. The ARC has been working hard to rescue animals that have been neglected in Tennessee; this rescue is a part of the organisation’s efforts.

In the meantime the ARC will be caring for the dogs until they can find shelters, and eventually their permanent homes!

Source: The Dodo

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