The new Instagram star, called Daisy, had a difficult start in life but she now lives a happy, healthy life!

Alone In The Streets

Daisy was found by the SPCA in the streets of Los Angeles, when she was just a puppy. The poor dog was in danger of being euthanized because nobody wanted her.


Daisy’s Disability

Daisy suffers from malformed front legs and jaw. Because of her disability, she has struggled to find a host family. Most people don’t want to deal with her disability and the efforts that come with it.


Daisy’s Saviour

Luckily, someone saw her and fell in love with Daisy’s natural joy and will to live. Sheena Main adopted Daisy right away and saved her from being euthanized.

For the last five years Daisy has had her own set of wheels and that is how she gets around. She has never lost her good mood and her adorable smile!  That is how she became Instagram famous, with over 130, 000 followers!


 It is not only Sheena who fell in love with little Daisy, the rest of the world has too!

 Source: Sheena Main- Underbite Unite

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