Shaun Sears climbed a very tall Maple tree in Redwood to save this beautiful cat that had been up there for a few days!

In A Sticky Situation

The black-and- white cat named Bat Girl was wondering around outside one day when she found herself in a very tall maple tree, with no idea how to get down! Her owners heard her meowing after some time and had to walk through multiple blackberry bushes to find her. They couldn’t get her down either, so they called Shaun Sears, a rescuer from Canopy Cat Rescue.

Shaun To The Rescue

“I quickly climbed the tree, but Bat Girl was really scared and it looked like she might climb higher. Thankfully, she only scooted out a little bit on the limb and I was able to scoop her up. She relaxed in my arms and we had some nice treetop conversation. Bat Girl is now resting comfortably in her bat cave,” said Shaun.

Watch It All Happen

While Shaun was climbing the tall tree to get to Bat Girl, he took a video of what he did! He spoke to the cat the whole time and we can hear her meowing when she realised she was being rescued! It took some time, but the two were soon safely back on the ground.

Source: Love Meow

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