Can you imagine a map which all of our pet cats can be located on? This is just what an American professor developed!

The Project

The “I know where your cat lives” is a project created to raise awareness about how everyone can use your personal data and information. Some people overshare on social media and don’t realize just how dangerous it can be.

How It Works

Owen Mundy, an assistant professor at Florida State University, gathered all pictures of cats on Instagram, Flickr and Twitpic and then used geolocation to place the cats on a map. You are now able to then browse the map to see which cats live in your neighborhood!

You can also try to find Grumpy Cat who lives somewhere in Arizona and Lil Bub who is in Indiana. If you hit the random button, you can find a random cat living somewhere on the planet!

What do you think of this project? A good idea or a little bit creepy? If you think it invasive then the project has achieved its goal - be careful what you post on the internet!

 Source: Huffington Post

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    Karissa B That could be helpful in cases where people find a stray cat. They could try and see if they could find an owner the cat might have