It's now possible to have your own panda!

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As you know, the panda is a true star in China. They are the only country in the world that have pandas still living in the wild! The Chinese have started a new trend; transforming their dogs into pandas!


It is now possible to take your pet dog to a groomer, who will cut and colour your dog’s fur to make them into pandas! Give it about two hours and you will be able to take your own pet panda home.


Pet shop owner, Hsin Ch’en, has said that he cannot keep up with the demand to dye people’s dogs to look like pandas. The most common dogs brought in for this procedure are chow chows.


The procedure is safe for the dogs; there are no chemicals or cruelty involved. It could get quite expensive though, but people are willing to pay for the special looks they get when walking their ‘panda dogs’.


According to Ch’en, he came up with the idea himself. After he had perfected the technique, it started spreading across China and is now very famous.


Would you take your dog for a cut and a dye to look like a panda?


Source: Huffington Post

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