If you haven't seen it yet, a Parisian exhibition presents several artists who created works around a common subject: cats.

This exhibition can be seen in the Galerie Vert Galant in Paris until April 5, 2014 .

It is actually an exhibition that takes place every year in March ( the exhibition was extended until April 5th ), organized by Marie- Madeleine Motais of Narbonne. This is an annual appointment closely watched by cat lovers!

The works are classified by several themes:

The first being "Love the feline species" with the following artists : Jany Bougier, Christine Pultz, Jean- Louis Marie, Christian Michaud, Eve Oziol Edwige Pillet.

The category "Humour" includes: Jary Bougier, Poun, Mick, Martine Coppens, Claude Gourlet.

Last category " Poetry and Charming ", you can find : Patrick Viaud, François- Xavier Sanchez, Ariel Marinie...

Cat lovers, do not hesitate to go for a ride to the gallery du Vert Galant, dock Goldsmiths in Paris - there are only a few days left before the closing!

Source and photo credit : Caprice Cat

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