This amazing story is about a sea lion who had travelled about 160km from the Pacific Ocean to a ranch in California. What makes it even more amazing is that he is only 10 months old!

The Journey

The baby sea lion, who was at some point separated from his mother, arrived in the Californian state via a river. His journey began off the islands in Southern California; he then went north and under the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco Bay.

He ended his journey in the San Joaquin River, before waddling out on the land.


He was found about three kilometres inland, in an almond tree orchard. The poor sea lion was on the verge of death when he was found.

He was very thin and obviously hungry; this is because of malnutrition as his mother was not there to guide him. Because he has been in fresh water for a while, his coat was damaged too.


The baby sea lion was called Hoppie; he is currently in a veterinary centre with other sea lions. Before returning to his natural habitat Hoppie has to build up some strength again.

Here’s to Hoppie making a full recovery!

Source : TF1

Photo: Michael Hanrahan

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