Residents of the Bronx spotted a mysterious creature several times from April 2014. A zoologist finally identified the odd looking animal: it is a fisher.

This mysterious creature aroused New York City resident's curiosity for months! They spotted it several times, but were unable to put a name to it. They declared to have seen an animal looking like a big skunk, sneaking and scurrying around. It wasn't a skunk but a male fisher, an animal belonging to the weasel family.  Fishers live at the North West of the States and in Canada within forests and rural areas. This carnivore creature can weight up to 6 kilos (13 pounds) and measure up to 120 centimeters (47 inches)

It's the first time a fisher specimen has been spotted in New York city.

This Fisher proves us that animals are able to adapt to urban environment when they need to.

Photo credit: CBS New York

un spécimen Pékan

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