Know your breeds: the Persian

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The Persian cat breed has the longest hair, but this is not the only special think about it! Here is more information about this little fur ball.


The Persian is easily recognizable thanks to its flattened head, long hair and well-rounded figure. Brought from Iran in the early 17th century it was very popular in Europe because of its long hair. The ancestor of the Persian was the Turkish Angora.


Since the 17th century,  the Persian has changed thanks to breeders - its nose is more flattened, its coat can be various colors and it is rounder. It is a placid cat, sociable and affectionate that fits indoors in an apartment or home. It loves peace and is very active. This is a homebody cat.



Persians are fragile cats


This breed requires a very regular care, as its health is very fragile and it can catch many diseases. Its long hair requires daily maintenance because its hair can get tangled. Its eyes often cry and must be cleaned morning and evening. Small ears should also be monitored as they should be cleaned every morning and evening as well. Their diet must be monitored, eating special kibbles.


The persian has led to other breeds as exotic shorthair or Himalayan.
This is a very popular cat breed and the most sold in the world. It is also well known because it often appears in movies or on television.


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