Beauty contests are controlled by canine or feline corporations in each country. It is they who set the rules that will govern the contest and the pets' registration to a pedigree. Animals are scored according to each race's specific beauty criteria.

How do I participate in these competitions?

Simply fill out a registration form from the company that organizes the competition. The goal is of course to get the maximum medals so your pet will become the champion. These beauty pageants are competitions, except that to win you must not fill a single objective criterion. In fact, this is not a competitive sport, and to win your companion must meet different criteria established by the judges.

photographie d'un chien

There are many categories, depending on many breeds. Eg bristles, long hair, color, gender-based, age, race etc etc ... The possibilities are almost endless! For the big day, make sure your pet is cleaned and in good health, the judge will not be impressed by a cat which has fleas or a dog with dirty teeth!

And most importantly, remember that it is first and foremost a fun time for you and your pet!

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