Some pets love cuddles and affection, while others don't seem so keen. One of the problems many owners face is knowing the right way to show their pet some love!

These charts created by Buzzfeed will help you find out how to pet animals the right more nasty surprises, no more scratches or bites! The most important thing to remember is to respect the animal; if they don't want to be touched you should leave them alone!

If you don't know a pet, always ask the owner before reaching down to stroke them. You never know if a dog may be aggressive, or if a smaller pet might be easily scared but unable to convey their fear to you.

# 1 Cat


All cats are different. You'll need to get to know a cat before understanding how they like to be petted. Although the chart below indicates that cats don't like they don't like tummy rubs, our cat certainly does!

The key thing here is to let the cat decide if they want to be petted and how. If a cat rolls onto their back and presents their stomach to you, you can try giving them tummy rubs and see if they like it! If they don't they will let you know very quickly...

# 2 Dog


Some dogs just love affection, others like being handled in a certain way. Be wary of touching a dogs face and paws if you're not familiar with them. Children are often prone to grabbing at family dogs, so it is important to teach them to respect a dog's space, especially if they are sleeping or eating!

# 3 Bunny


Pet rabbits are known for being timid. While stress levels depend on the individual rabbit, it is good to know the signs that they are not comfortable. The more obvious signs of stress include rapid breathing and tucking their paws underneath them. To read about stress in rabbits, check out this article.

# 4 Fish


...Enough said.



Horses are very different from the other animals in this list. As larger, more powerful creatures, you need to be extra careful around them. Avoid bending don near their legs and always get advice from the owner!

Polar bears


What are you even doing so close to a polar bear?!

Charts from Buzfeed

How do you pet your pets?

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