Have you ever wondered what age your pet is in human years? Find out below!

Pets' relative ages depend on their weight and breed, but it’s easy to get an approximate idea of how old they would be in human years! Below we take a look at dogs and cats in human years.

What does their age really mean?


It’s said that the first year of a puppy’s life is the equivalent to about twenty human years, so you can imagine how much they need to learn in that time! They hit adolescence at six to 18 months and are considered full-grown adults by the age of two (human years).


In the feline world, a kitten goes through adolescence between four and eight months of age. They tend to settle into their true character at around two years old. Senior cats are defined as being about 10-12 years old.

If you want to learn more about kitten development, why not look at our article on how kittens learn to hunt?

Calculating age

The table below will put your pet's age into context. This is a great way to help you understand their development and needs!


Tell us - how old is your fur friend?

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