Popular UK supermarket chain, Sainsbury’s, recently sent out free chocolate to some of its customers. Unfortunately, the package wasn’t always received by the right person, instead being devoured by their dog, with dangerous consequences.

Rushed to the vet

When the chocolate was posted through the letterbox, a number of dogs tore through the packaging and consumed the contents.

One such dog was Jarvis, a Cocker Spaniel. His owner, Sarah, was at work when the freebie was delivered.

Thankfully, her parents arrived soon after the incident. Upon seeing the empty wrapper in his bed, they called the vet who urged them to come into the clinic immediately.

After fluids and drips, induced vomiting and a lot of stress, it appears Jarvis is now doing well.

Another pup was found in a similar situation and had to have her stomach pumped. Although there are several owners claiming their dogs ate the chocolate, luckily not all the dogs affected needed treatment.

What to do if your dog eats chocolate

Sainsbury’s have apologised for the situation and say they put safeguadfing procedures in place for pet owners who revived the promotion.

Owners should call a vet immediately if they find their dog has consumed chocolate, even if the dog looks well.

Source: The BBC

Photo Credit: Dan Dugdale

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