Learning to understand your Guinea Pig is essential if you wish to take care of their needs so that they can live a long and healthy life.

Did you know that they are the rodent that has the largest vocal repertoire to make themselves understood?

The body language of your Guinea Pig

The rhumba

When you see your little pet wriggle their hindquarters while shuffling, this may have a different meaning depending on their sex. If it is a male, they are attempting to attract a female by appearing dominant. If it is a female, she is attempting to seduce another of her kind.

Clicking their teeth

Be careful - this is the final warning before an attack! This little animal clicks their teeth when they are ready to fight one of their kind for hierarchical control. In this case, separate your pets before the first bites.

Jumping around

Your pet is not crazy... this is simply their crazy time when they are expending all their happy energy!


Lying down with their eyes half-closed, your pet is very relaxed. If you take this pose yourself, you will see that you start to have the same feeling...

    The 'spoken' language of your Guinea Pig

    A high whistle

    This is excitement intended to alert you. Your pet will often make this sound when they see their food arrive, for example.

    A little purr

    Your pet usually accompanies this noise with a vibration all along their body. It can express pleasure, when you are stroking them. If can mean seduction or the desire to dominate when the sound is dry. If the sound is brief, it may mean fear.


    This can have many meanings. If it is a series of little soft warbles, it may been that they are feeling good. However, they may also chirrup to signify discontent, usually of another Guinea Pig. The sound here will be sharp and repetitive.


    Here as well, there can be several meanings. This varies from pet to pet. It could be joy when being touched by their pet parent, enthusiasm or curiosity.

    If you wish to learn more about taking care of your Guinea Pig, don't hesitate to read our article.

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