Jack Russell Terriers are adorable bundles energy and fun. However, thorough training is necessary to help ensure their behaviour, including barking, remains appropriate for home life.

Here is some advice for training your Jack Russell Terrier.

The Jack Russell Terrier's personality

Jack Russell Terriers are known for their vivacity and energy despite their small frame. They are also known for their hunting instincts. It is highly advised not to allow them to run off the lead as they may run off in order to follow a scent.

Jack Russells are happy and fun dogs that get along well with children. However, if you don't provide boundaries for your dog early on, they can quickly prove to be a challenge to manage and control.

Physical exercise is essential

Before beginning their education, it is important to know that if your dog gets bored and doesn't exercise enough, they will let you know by damaging your home.

Jack Russells need to play, run and expend their huge amounts of energy. The best plan is to have a large garden, because one walk a day is not nearly enough.

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Start to train them at home

Before training them outside, it is important to start by training your Jack Russell indoors.

In order to educate your dog well, it is recommended to start by teaching them simple rules such as the following:

- No begging while you are eating

- Only coming indoors when they are clean

- Tolerating alone time

- Not pulling on the lead while you are walking them

You can also teach them useful orders such as 'sit', 'come', and 'no'. You should use a small range of vocabulary in order to help your dog understand more easily.

Firm but gentle education

You should never use violence to teach a dog. The key to training a Jack Russell is to be firm but not cruel.

When your dog has carried out a command effectively, you can give them a pat, scratch, or treat. This will be motivation for them to continue in their bid to please you.

Training sessions of about 10 minutes a day can be beneficial for your dog. Remember to play with them in addition to your training session, as this will enhance your relationship with them as well.

To learn more about the Jack Russell Terrier, take a look at our article here.

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What do you love most about Jack Russells?

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