Today’s heart-warming story is about Lilo, the miracle kitten! She shows the world how brave and strong she is through her will to live. The poor kitten only had a 5- 10% chance of surviving, but she surprised everyone and made it through the tough times!

Lilo’s Tough Start

A stray cat had abandoned her litter; luckily they were found and offered their 'tenth life.' The kittens were all born with permanently bent front legs, as they were not properly formed. The little ones also had to battle feline distemper; which only has a 5- 10% survival rate for kittens less than 2 months. Lilo’s siblings didn’t make it, but she showed her fighting spirit and survived!

While Lilo was at the ER she had a high fever for 24 hours. Luckily her little body responded and joined in to fight the disease. While Lilo’s foster mom, Bobbi, was holding her, she was purred, clearly loving the attention and affection!

Her Second Chance

Lilo is doing very well in her foster home; she shows her courage, having mastered climbing the stairs with her bent front legs. Lilo loves to cuddle, play with the other cats, sit with her foster mom and she has a very lively personality too.

“Every day, we are grateful for this little lady’s strength, and we send her all the positive, healing energy we can,” said her foster mom.

Little Lilo has overcome feline distemper and is not bothered by her bent front legs - she is a true inspiration to us all!


Photo : tenth life

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