We all love a little humour every now and then and comics provide just that! Why not add our pets into the equation too? We will never fully understand our cat’s behaviour; one minute they love their humans and the next they want nothing to do with you! These comics of silly cats are the perfect combination to light up your day!

Love/Hate Relationship

As mentioned above, cats are all cute and cuddly with their owners and suddenly they turn on you. How do they go from licking your hand to biting it in one minute? By keeping your hand absolutely still, surely you did nothing wrong? Their bizarre behaviour must stem from a huge misunderstanding between our two species! Or they must have terrible mood swings...


Leave Me Alone!

There are those days where your cat just won’t leave you alone. It can border on them being slightly obsessive. They follow you to the bathroom, they watch you wash your hands, they ‘help’ you on your computer and while you cook, they stare at your food. It is always when you are the most busy that they want your full attention!


Night Owls

Cats aren’t the most social beings, when you want to play with them they walk away or flat out ignore you! When it’s time for bed and humans and other animals are fast asleep, they come out to play. They sleep the whole day and are suddenly wide awake at night. This is when they don’t leave you alone! Why can’t they just be normal?



Cats like to bring their family surprises; these are usually in the form of dead mice or other animals they have caught. While most of us are freaked out by this, mostly because these dead animals are in our beds, you should not get angry with your cat. We suppose this is their way of showing some love!


Does any of this seem familiar?

Source: Bored Panda

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