Discover our selection of the web's best April Fools Day pranks with pets!

April Fools' "Charenza" by Sarenza

poisson_avril_charenza_sarenzaThe French shoe-selling website Sarenza has created a website  "Catrenza", the shoe website for cats and dogs!

April Fools' "Cat you may know" by Linkedin

Poisson Avril Linkedin

The famous professional social network Linkedin has launched the first network so cats can make business too!

April Fools' "Yes we cat" by Fido

The famous Canadian mobile brand has decided to make cats instead of dogs their mascots just for one day!

April Fools "Cat color" by Julep

Poisson Avril Cat Color JulepBy surfing on the nailart trend the makeup brand Julep has presented the first nail polish for cats and dogs!

April Fool's "Cheezeburger" by Betabrand

poisson_avril_cheezburger_betabrandThe lifestyle clothing brand Betabrand presented a collection "Cheezburger" for your cats and dogs! Trendy and hilarious!

April Fool's "Pokemon Challenge" by Google Maps

The famous map service has imagined up an ingenious Pokemons treasure hunt. Gotta catch 'em all! A nice technical prowess with 11 billion views on their video!

April Fool's "Pets show" by VH1

Mob Cats, Love & Hip Hop Catlanta, Love & Hip Hop Meow York are the names of the new TV shows imagined by the music channel VH1. Surfing on famous shows, VH1 got it right!

April Fool's "Puppy Connect" by American Well

American Well, an online medical insurance presented the first medical care between pets!

That's all folks!

If you've spotted some there pranks, let us now in the comments below!

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