Several studies by psychologists and behaviorists have shown the beneficial contribution that can have our pets in our social interactions!

In addition to relaxing and reassuring us in times of stress, cats are real assets for seduction!


To reach this conclusion, Nicolas Gueguen, researcher in social psychology at Vannes, asked a young woman accompanied by a cat get on a bus and two observers to count the number of looks she got. 83% of the men observed the woman, while only 31% did when she didn't have the cat! Men were also more likely to smile at her and talk to her.

Dogs are also helpful for gallant encounters...

They are especially handy to break the ice! A young man is more likely to get phone numbers of girls he approaches on the street if walking a dog. 23% of women gave him their number when he was with this dog against only 9% when he walked alone.


But why do animals facilitate our social interactions?

A study conducted by the Veterinary School of the University of California tried to explain this phenomenon. On the one hand, people are closer voluntarily because they have a positive impression of the person who owns an animal: they are a friendly, quiet, sensitive person. On the other hand, the presence of an animal makes it easier to start a conversation with someone. Indeed, the first sentence is often the most difficult and sometimes the words may be hard to find. This problem does not arise when we face a person accompanied by an animal because we all have at least one experience with an animal to tell!

Although these studies may seem harmless, they can at least ensure that the presence of a pet is beneficial in some situations ... Our 4-legged friends bring us happiness without knowing it!

If you are shy or if you just want to make new friends, you know what you have to do! ;)

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