It's well known that dogs make some of the greatest of friends! But did you know they also have the capacity to help the most vulnerable people? Yummypets' very own Léo the cat takes a look at Dogtherapy, a type of animal-assisted therapy known as Zootherapy.

Having a pet at home has many advantages to our health, mind and wellbeing. Dogs are especially good for this!

Among the many attributes we love about our dogs, some key elements come to mind: we experience their loyalty, kindness, obedience, sensitivity, and speed of learning. A true friend who can help ease loneliness, stress and anxiety!

Through positive psycho-emotional means, a dog can provide an excellent source of 'therapy'. Depressed adults and children, disabled or elderly people - dogs can help all kinds of people.

The benefits of Dogtherapy

When it comes to Dogtherapy, a more official and specialised form of animal therapy, selected dogs receive special education under the supervision of a trainer. This helps the animal to offer the best form of behaviour and presence in the company of patients.

Dogtherapy can be offered privately or in small groups, providing positive interactions to help with a patient's psychological and/or physical wellbeing.

It is becoming increasingly popular to use Dogtherapy following major surgery to help ease stress and aid people during the recovery process. It can also be useful with physical rehabilitation exercises when, for example, a game of 'fetch' with an enthusiastic dog and rehabilitation supervisor can help to provide motivation and encouragement to a receiving patient.

Dogtherapy has also proved beneficial to the well-being of people suffering from schizophrenia or Alzheimer's disease. And of course, these incredible creatures can help people to develop trust through a direct means of communication and response during interactions.

While Léo might be a cat, he sure thinks that dogs are really awesome animals, pets and friends!

Do you think animals help aid human healing?

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