Some cats love meowing at us all day long while others only meow when they need our attention… the trouble is working out why! Let's get to the bottom of understanding your cat's meows!

Cats can be very vocal in times of need, whether they’re ill, distressed, annoyed, happy or hungry. In order to understand why your cat is meowing, you will need to understand the environment they live in and try to distinguish between the different sounds they’re making.

Types of meowing

It should go without saying that if you think your cat is meowing due to pain or discomfort, you should make an appointment with your vet straight away.

If you're unsure about why they're meowing, here are a few other reasons why your cat might be so vocal!

Soft, high-pitched meowing

Your cat is most likely happy! He or she is sharing their happiness and you can take comfort knowing that they are content. These types of meows can also be examples of your cat attempting to communicate with you, perhaps that they want you to open a door, let me have a look at something or similar.

Long meowing

These are your cats way of telling you something is urgent. It could be that they want to go outside, or that they are asking for food. Or there is pain or danger for them.

Purring meow

There are many theories behind why cats purr. It is usually a soft noise, intended for those close by as a means of communication.

Cats often purr when they are happy but this is not the only reason they do so. They will also purr when they are stressed as a way to self-sooth. A purring cat who releases a meow should be understood to determine the difference between the cuddle they're loving from you and the purring sound they're making sitting in a dark corner.

You can find out more about a cat’s purr here.

Loud, low-pitched meowing

This can be a sign of aggression, especially between two territorial cats. Be careful here, as the cat is likely to be reacting defensively and may want to be left alone.

Why is my female cat meowing?

Meowing when in heat

If your female cat is on heat she may meow in long, repetitive cries. These can resemble the noise of a baby, or sound like she is in pain. You may also notice that she yowls more; this is designed to get the attention of a mate.

Her meows can become incessant. While this can be annoying, it is also highly recommended to sterilise your cat for her heath and welfare.

Now you have an idea about what your cat is trying to say vocally, why not have a look at our article on cats’ body language, so that you can also understand what they’re trying to say physically!

Does your cat meow a lot?

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