Heart disease in dogs is serious and if you have any concerns you should visit your vet.

The signs below are not meant for diagnostic purposes, but to help you stay informed on the subject. If you notice these symptoms, you should act right away.

Tiring easily

There can be many reasons your dog is more tired than usual, but it could be a symptom of heart disease. If you notice that they need to sit down during a walk when they would usually be running about, it could be due to a weakening of the heart muscles.


Coughing is never normal in dogs, and if your dog has a known heart murmur, you should see your vet immediately as this is a warning sign. Dogs with heart disease are most frequently diagnosed after being taken to the vet due with a cough. It may sound like a dry cough, as though they are coughing up a hairball.

Bloated abdomen

Fluid can build up in the abdomen as a result of poor blood flow as the heart muscle weakens. This fluid then causes the stomach area to bugle or boat, and gives the dog a ‘pot bellied’ appearance.

Breathing heavily

Although dogs can pant for different reasons, atypical, shallow breaths could be a cause for concern. You may miss this sign if you are not on expecting to see it, but it can be an indication of something serious.

With any such symptoms, if you’re concerned about your dog's well-being then you should contact your vet immediately.

Source: iheartdogs

Can you think of any other symptoms of heart disease?

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